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21 Feb 2004
Tuesday, February 21, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your statement.

It appears that you have $5,823.04 in the treasury. You can therefore deposit $5,700.00 to my account by transfer advice. Since Neal is not available here, I am sending the recorded tapes to New York for typing as you have the Dictaphone there. I am also returning the letter of authority to the shipping company duly signed by me.

There is some defect in microphone also of the dictaphone. What is to be done? The dictaphone seller does not appear to be very honest. When I inquired they told that it should be taken to some local dealers and when it is repaired they say that they are not going to pay for the labor. So if there is any defect, has it to be sent to New York at their expense?

You can send the sets of Bhagavatam keeping there two sets only. And the sets which you have already sold, proceeds may be deposited in my account. Mr. Altman has not got to be paid this month because as soon as I hear from you that you have transferred the amount to my account I shall send $200.00 to India for purchase of harmonium.


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Tuesday, February 21, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Rayarama,

I am in due receipt of your long letter. I do not know why Back to Godhead is not printed timely. If it is printed send here the necessary copies. I do not know who said that Back to Godhead is to be printed here. Unless there is written order by me Back to Godhead should regularly be printed from New York. There is no question of its being printed here.

So go on printing it right time. You can send the copies here with bill and I shall see that it is duly paid.

Your ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Tuesday, February 21, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of the 18th instant and have noted the contents.

I am glad to know that the "Happiness On Second Avenue" film has come out very happy. Please see it and let know the result. I hope you have received my last letter suggesting therein the scheme of hire purchase agreement with Mr. Taylor.

I have not heard anything from Kirtanananda till now. Neal, one day evening, came here but since then he is not here and do not know if I shall send the recorded tapes or not. Because here there is no typewriter. Howard is not serious about general typewriting.


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18 Feb 2004
Saturday, February 18, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. With further reference to my letter of yesterday's date I may inform you that from the letter of Mr. Payne and the schemes which produced no fruit, it appears to me that he is not in a position to secure money for the house from any financial party. That is my conviction.

Now if you think that he is able to secure money for us, if you think that there is something hopeful by this time then you can continue the negotiations as he is doing but do not for Krishna's sake advance a farthing more on any plea by him. He may be trying his best but he is incapable to do this. That is my honest opinion.

Next thing is that when a man takes work in his own hand it is sure to be done. If you are serious about purchasing the house then do not depend on Mr. Payne. Take the work in your own hand. Just enter with Mr. Taylor in agreement of hire purchase system sale contract for any reasonable market price. We shall pay rent to the amount of $1000.00 per month and cash down $10,000.00. The repairing work may be done by Mr. Taylor as he is doing.

So long his full money is not recovered we shall continue to remain as tenant and as soon as his full money is paid up the title automatically becomes conveyed to us. We have already engaged our Lawyer and Mr. Taylor has his Lawyer. Let them draw a hire-purchase-sale-contract on the above basis. It is not amortisation but it is practically an agreement between the tenant and the Landlord. Let us remain as tenant and let Mr. Taylor remain as land lord. As Landlord he will have full right to evict us failing to pay the stipulated rent.

So there is no risk on the part of Mr. Taylor and I hope the lawyer of Mr. Taylor will gladly accept these terms. Mr. Taylor will be profited by this, because he gets an immediate tenant and income up to 1000 dollars per month for a house which is lying vacant for so many years. And for us we get a house which is suitable for us.

Convince Mr. Taylor like this and enter into such hire-purchase system-sale-contract. I think this is the best solution for both Mr. Taylor and ourselves. Try for this and quickly occupy the house without waiting for help from so called financiers. No sane financier will invest money on the complicated schemes drawn by Mr. Payne. It is simply utopian it will never be successful.

Now next proposal is that why don't you arrange for Kirtana and lectures by me in every school, college, clubs, association, etc in New York. Now we have "Mrdangas" and cymbals. Let us organize a Kirtana party both at New York and at San Francisco and on our off days at least twice in a week let us have our Kirtana outside.

Here the students are arranging another dance meeting like the one they did on the 29th January and they are expecting good collection. Even there is no good collection, by outdoor Kirtana and lectures we shall at least be popular to everyone and automatically we shall be successful in raising fund.

The other day we had a very nice meeting in the California State College it was grand successful. They are going to arrange again like that in Berkeley college where they are expecting three thousand audience. I am enclosing herewith a copy of the letter received from Himalayan Academy. See how they are appreciating our method of peace movement. So in this way we have to forward our cause.

No business man will come forward to help us on utopian schemes as contemplated by Mr. Payne. We have to try for ourselves. So the summary is to obtain a hire purchase sale-contract from Mr. Taylor and popularize our movement by outdoor engagements as many as possible.

Now my staying in your country is increased for two years at least and while I am here (U.S.A.) we can work tremendously by working ourselves on the above scheme. Let us take help from Krishna by honestly working for Him than on utopian theories.

Even there are three centres I can move everywhere without any tiresome feeling. I can stay one month in each centre every quarterly and see things going in order.

I hope you will try to understand my view point and let me know how do you appreciate the scheme.

Neal has arrived here yesterday evening and he feels jolly. Please send me all the tapes that are lying there. I hope you will realise the repairing charges for Dictaphone. There is again some defect in the microphone. It is not rewinding by pushing the finger clip. I do not know what to do.

I hope you have by this time cleared off the consignments per M.V.Jaladuta from India. And I shall be glad to know how you have received the goods.

Here everything is going on nicely. I have not heard anything from Kirtanananda. I hope everything is well there.

I understand that Sriman Acyutananda is feeling my absence. I shall be very soon there. Please offer blessings every one specially Sriman Acyutananda and Srimati Jadurani. Please ask Gargamuni to write me occasionally about his good account keeping. Please ask him to dispatch all the Srimad-Bhagavatam sets without delay. They have paid me the price of former consignment.

It is understood that you have now an electric Typewriter. If so why not send it here to be worked on by Neal or Howard.

Awaiting your early reply.

Your ever wellwisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami,

Enclosure :1

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17 Feb 2004
Friday, February 17, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Mr. Payne,

I thank you very much for your letter of February 14, 1967 and I have received the copies of your schemes which did not fructify.

From a letter of Mr. William J. Taylor dated January 20, 1967 it appears that he authorized you for first mortgage negotiation and I do not know how Mr. Taylor's Lawyer can change this arrangement.

I can also understand from your letter and other sources that so far you have not been able to secure any financial assistance with any tangible hope.

You have also hinted in your letter under reply that I may try here some possibility of money source. Of course my students here raised fund by one scheme of dancing a fund of $4000.00 since I have come here and they have spent in different items almost all the fund. But they cannot take up the matter seriously unless there is fact. It may be possible to raise fund in that way if we have got actual sale-contract from Mr. Taylor on legal standing.

It is understood from letters of Brahmananda that the Lawyer of Mr. Taylor has now agreed to convey the title of the property on cash down payment of $105,000. I think you should get a sale contract on this basis and take maximum time, not less than, three months for final payment. If required you can pay earnest money at most $750.00 which you have on our behalf.

If there is sale contract, my students here and in New york will be able to raise the fund very seriously. In the absence of any sale contract everything appears to be in the air and Mr. Taylor or his lawyer can change his word as he has already done. I think that is the best solution of the present deadlock.

I am forwarding a copy of the letter to my students in New York.

Hope you are well. With regards,

Yours sincerely,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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Friday, February 17, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My dear Brahmananda,

In continuation of my yesterday's letter and in reply to your very long letter of the 13rd February 1967 I beg to inform you that I have received one letter from Mr. Payne and the copies of the schemes dated 19th January 1967 which did not fructify.

It appears that Mr. Payne has not been successful to secure any financial assistance till the 14th february 1967 and it is hinted therein that I may also try for the source of money. I have, therefore, replied him and the copy of the reply is enclosed herewith please find.

So my opinion on the house purchase is clearly defined there. We must have a sale contract and then let us try for the fund combinedly. That will be some practical proposition. So far things have been done in "entire negotiation is irregular" as stated in your letter. Now it appears that Mr. Payne is not very hopeful himself for raising the fund otherwise he would not have written me as "It had occurred to me, your Excellency, that there might be a possibility of money source in the area in which you are working. This I do know, money men and their operations there are not so sophisticated or unimaginative as they are here."

I think if there is sale contract, it may be possible to raise the fund by combined effort both here and there. Without sale contract it will be not practical to raise fund.

So far records are concerned, the secretary here told me that they are prepared to pay enough for the records up to 1500 pieces.

Do not misunderstand me that I have no interest in having a permanent building at New York. I want the house more than you; my only objection is that "This is not a regular business transaction" as admitted by you. Why not make it regular now as suggested by my letter to Mr Payne? If you can have a sale contract then every thing will be regular and it will be easier to raise fund. What is the difficulty in getting the Sale contract as suggested by me.

I have not sent the Pass Book. But the letter of transfer is sufficient and I hope you have already sent the letter to the Bank.

Hope you are all doing well. With my blessings for you all,

Your ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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15 Feb 2004
Wednesday, February 15, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Satsvarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I hope you have received my previous notes sent to you in different letters.

I have not as yet received the copy of Narada Bhaktisutra which you want me to write commentaries. I hope you are duly editing the tapes of Teachings of Lord Caitanya. While typing the records after your editing make it in duplicate and send me one copy to see how you are doing it.

I have now just five tapes with me out of which I am returning one to day. Please let me know how many tapes are there till today. Neal was to come here but he has not come; therefore, I am sending you the tape both for typing and editing. I hope you will do it nicely. May Krishna be pleased upon you.

I have advised Brahmananda to transfer $6200.00 to my savings account and please see that it is immediately done. I have sent him the letter of transfer simply he has to sign it or you may sign it and forward it to the Bank. I allowed you to deal with the Bank for two reasons. 1 That I may be free from monetary dealings 2. That you may learn also how to deal with. But recent indiscriminate issues of checks have perturbed my mind. By indiscriminate issues of checks $1000.00 of society's money have been put into risk.

So far I can see from the correspondence of Brahmananda it is not possible for us to get the house for so many reasons. The main reason is that we have no money to pay cash and nobody is going to invest cash in that house because it is neither complete nor has any income. It is simply utopian to think of possessing the house and Mr. Payne is simply giving us false hope. That is the verdict of devotees and trustees here and for reasons I believe it is correct.

Please see therefore that the above amount is immediately transferred. When actual sale contract is there I shall again retransfer the amount as I did it a few days ago.

You are all innocent boys without any experience of the world. The cunning world can befool you at any time. So please be careful of the world in Krishna Consciousness. When Krishna will desire the house will come to us automatically. But we should not ask Krishna to give us a house let Krishna give us when He likes.

If Mr. Payne is able to give us the house it is so far very good. But from circumstances it appears that Mr. Payne cannot get financial assistance from any businessman. If somebody gives us donation for the right cause that is a different thing.

So we should only wait for Krishna's mercy and should not jeopardize the hard earned money for service of Krishna. I hope you will not misunderstand me. Both you and Gargamuni must be careful about the accounts and see that checks above $50.00 are not issued indiscriminately.

Hope you are all well and shall be glad to hear from you by return post. Please ask Rayarama to write to me. I am anxious to know if he had any talks with Mr. Ypslantin.

Your ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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