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9 Sep 2004
Saturday, September 9, 1967  

Vrindaban, India

My dear Rupanuga,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letters.

You have a problem before you in respect to living separate from your wife. If your wife keeps herself peaceful living separately from you, I think you can arrange for the time being like that, but in my opinion, this business of separation may not be developed into a case of divorce. So far Eric is concerned, he is developing K.C. from very childhood, and it is a great opportunity on a human being.

I think his father has got a special duty to protect this child in his K.C.; The mother has also similar responsibility, so either your wife or yourself must take care of the good child. If your wife takes charge of him, then you become completely free personally, and you can live in the temple with other bramacharies, either in N.Y. or elsewhere as you think best.

If however, your wife leaves the child with you, then you can take care of him; that will be nice. But I think it is very difficult, because he is not sufficiently grown up. Anyway, both your wife and yourself cannot think of marrying again; that is not my advice. Even if your wife decides to marry again, for your part you should forget it; and if by the Grace of Krishna you can live peacefully without any wife, completely devoted to K.C., that will be the best part of your life. You can love and put all your affection to the child, and try to make him fully K.C.

Regarding our temple affairs, as stated in your previous letter, I think Brahmananda might have written me something to my Delhi address, where I may go early next week; but in any case the temple affairs should be adjusted in the manner where the important members or all the members may work and support the temple affairs. I am getting very encouraging reports from S.F. and Montreal; but reports from N.Y. is not very much encouraging.

Kirtanananda has decided to return back for preaching work in the states as he has accepted the sannyasa order of life. Acyutananda is here, but he is not eating well, so I am also put into anxiety. In the beginning Kirtanananda was also sick, and he also at the present moment is feeling some pain in his leg. On the whole, the American boys who come here become first depressed, so I do not know how far our American house in Vrindaban will be successful.

I am negotiating with the Revenue Minister of Rajastan government to have some place in the very nice temple of Jayapur. This temple is very ideal place for our imagination of an American house, and it is almost 50% settled that the house may be partly occupied by us. But in any case, at least two American boys must live here and take charge of the management.

I am old man. At the same time sick. Even if I am well, it is not possible for me to look after the affairs of the American house. I want to remain free, being taken care of by all of you. In your states I was happy being taken care of by you, and that enjoyment is liking to me in this old age.

Anyway, ask Brahmananda what to do in this connection.


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5 Sep 2004
Tuesday, September 5, 1967  

Vrindavan, India

My Dear Umapati,

I am so glad to receive your letter dated 28 August, through Acyutananda. You will be glad to know that he has safely arrived here via Delhi. He is a very intelligent boy, and has safely come without any difficulty.

Your letter is very much encouraging to me, that you are appreciating my humble service in spreading Krishna Consciousness in your great country. It was my ambition to begin my movement from New York; and by Krishna's Grace, I got good cooperation from some boys like you; and I felt too much aggrieved when some of you left me, but I was confident that all of your would come again, because Krishna Consciousness is not a material thing, and cannot be broken: it cannot be burned or wet or dried or stopped at any stage. When I received your letter, it appeared to me that I had received a letter from a lost child; so please continue your present attitude.

I have not heard anything from Harvey. Hope he is doing well. So far my health is concerned, I have improved considerably, and I hope to return by October next.

Kirtanananda is now a completely Krishna Conscious person as he has accepted sannyasa on the birthday of Lord Krishna with great success. He is the first sannyasa in my spiritual family, and I hope he will return back soon to begin preaching work with greater vigor and success.

Please try to cooperate with the temple managers, because in my absence they might feel some difficulty. You are one of the old founders of N.Y. temple, and I hope you shall take some active part in improving the original center.

I shall be glad to hear from you at your convenience.

Hope you are well.

With all my blessings,

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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