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21 May 2004
May 21, 1967  

New York, New York

My Dear Hayagriva,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter.

I understand that some girls have volunteered to type and therefore you can now get the revised Gitopanisad nicely and correctly typed before it is handed over to the press. I am advising Rayarama to send you the sixth and seventh chapter for editing and I shall take with me the balance for re-editing and typing.

I am reaching San Francisco by the Second week of June 1967.

Hope you are well.


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Sunday, May 21, 1967  

New York, New York

My Dear Syamasundara

Please accept my blessings and offer the same to your good companion Srimati Malatidevi.

Please inform her that I have received her letter with great appreciation and I shall meet her very soon in San Francisco. Regarding your inquiry about the valuable redwood you have secured, I would advise you to attempt carving Lord Caitanya and His associates Murtis as I am sending herewith the specimen.

If possible you can carve also the Forms of Radha and Krishna separately. If not you can go on carving the same three Forms of Jagannatha brother and sister because we have to open many centers one after another. I wish to open two centers immediately one in Los Angeles as suggested by Haridasa and other in Vancouver. I have a friend in Vancouver who is devotee of Srimad-Bhagavatam Puranam and with his help we can open a centre at Vancouver.

I am very glad to see your enthusiasm in the service of Lord Krishna and I am sure that this spiritual intoxicant of Krishna consciousness will encourage many many students who are actually in search after the Absolute Truth.

I am very glad to learn that my students and children in San Francisco are doing well in Krishna consciousness.


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Sunday, May 21, 1967  

New York, New York

My Dear Mukunda and Janaki,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of the 17th instant.

Your ardent call is responding from heart and I have decided to return to San Francisco any day after 5th June 1967. You can advise therefore the American Air Lines for booking my seat and take my instruction here when I shall start as you did it last time.

I have already received letter from Jayananda with thanks. I have received letter from all my spiritual children and I am very sorry that I could not reply them timely although I have replied some of them already. But you may announce to them that I am coming at San Francisco very soon some time in the second week of June 1967.

The pamphlet which you have sent to me is very encouraging. It is clear from the statement that some of the young men of this country are very much eager to have some spiritual enlightenment and as such this movement Sankirtana inaugurated by Lord Caitanya, is just the suitable contribution for such searching after truth. So let us take this opportunity and convince them that this movement of Sankirtana is the only means for spiritual realisation, very simple and universal.

In our Kirtana there is no need of so called meditation and gymnastic of bodily exercise. It is simple and can be practised even by the small children and we have practically seen it how small boys and girls do take part in it by chanting dancing with us and what to speak of eating the delicious Krishna Prasadam.

So you can talk with the leaders of the movement to accept this common formula namely chanting Hare Krishna, dancing with it, hear the sublime philosophy of Bhagavad-gita directly from the representative of Krishna, and eat Krishna Prasada. Let the leaders be open minded and not be biased by any sectarian thoughts of religiosity. This movement is universal.

We invite every one to our feast and Kirtana but when one comes into the confidence we initiate him in the process and request him to observe four principles of restrictions based on philosophy and morality. Nobody can realise spiritual enlightenment without following the principles of purity. Therefore our four principles of restriction must be adopted when one is serious about further enlightenment.

I am glad that Ravindrasvarupa and Devakinandana (David) is already negotiating with the authorities and it is good that you are arranging for twenty four hours chanting in the proposed camp.


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Sunday, May 21, 1967  

New York, New York

My Dear Ravindra Svarupa,

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad to learn that you are doing your best and your good wife is helping you nicely.

I have received her letter but I am sorry that I could not reply this good girl. I very much appreciate her feelings and specially the hand writing. So you have very nice qualified girl as your life's companion and I bless you all that you peacefully carry out the message of Krishna Consciousness to the needy men of the world.

I am glad to learn that you are in touch with the council for A summer of Love. Please try to convince them that this movement of Krishna Consciousness is the only remedy for treatment for the diseased condition of human society. The basic principle of disease is Godlessness and this movement is approved method for reviving God consciousness.

So let the leaders take this movement more seriously and it will actually relieve the suffering humanity and specially the youths who are out to search out something spiritual.

The youth of America who are so searching I am very much sympathetic with them and their qualification of detachment to the material advancement of civilization will alone help them to advance in Krishna or God consciousness. If they patiently hear me I am sure they will be convinced as you have been.

So before my arrival you may make some arrangement so that I can speak to the greatest number of people and I am sure they will appreciate my presentation.

Hope this will find you all well. Please convey my blessing to Sriman Devakinandana Brahmacari and others.

Yours ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Enclosure: one design for Syamasundara for carving.

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