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18 Nov 2004
Saturday, November 18, 1967  

Calcutta, India

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings. Replying your letter of Nov. 9, I beg to inform you that Kirtanananda and Hayagriva's recent standing is being directly dealt by me; at least Hayagriva is not as fanatic as Kirtanananda.

His latest letter reveals that he is not out of Krishna Consciousness as we understand. The whole episode was generated by personal grudge. This personal grudge is not inhuman and as I have told many times, that individualism is the cause of personal misunderstanding. When such individualism is employed in the center of Krishna there is no harm even if there is personal misunderstanding.

Personal misunderstanding exists even in the higher levels. There is competition of loving Krishna even in the party of Srimati Radharani. It is a kind of rasa to compete in loving affection centering around Krishna. We shall, therefore, try to bring back Hayagriva and Kirtanananda to their senses. After all we must understand that we are dealing with persons affected by Maya.

Every one of us is under the influence of the external energy, Maya. The best way to get out of the clutches of Maya is to concentrate our attention in the loving service of Krishna. I understand that Hayagriva and Kirtanananda are continuing to chant Hare Krishna is their center. I hope therefore they will not go astray and the misunderstanding may be cleared up in due course of time.

Even amongst our God-brothers we have misunderstanding but none of us is astray from the service of Krishna. My Guru Maharaja ordered us to execute his mission combinedly. Unfortunately we are now separated. But none of us have stopped preaching Krishna Consciousness. Even if there was misunderstanding amongst the God-brothers of my Guru Maharaja none of them deviated from the transcendental loving service of Krishna.

The idea is that provocation and misunderstanding may remain between one man and another. But our staunch faith in Krishna Consciousness may not allow any material disruption. Please therefore try to be sympathetic with any person even if they differ. The only qualification we have to scrutinize is if one is acting in Krishna Consciousness as far as one is able to do it.)

Regarding BTG, it is understood that Rayarama is in some difficulty financially. The recent editions of BTG is very much encouraging to me. The standard should be maintained and improved so that one day it may come on the level of such magazines as Life, Time etc. If he is in difficulty financially I think you can give him loan of $500.00 to be paid in monthly installments of $100.00.

As he is now engaged in finishing Gita Upanisad, it is understood that he cannot work. The editing of Gita Upanisad is already much delayed. I think it was in this month of November last year my compilation of Gita Upanisad was finished.

The editing work was first entrusted with Rayarama, but as he could not finish it the work was transferred to Hayagriva. In this way even within one year the editing work could not be finished. This is not very encouraging. Now it must be finished within three weeks and hand it over to MacMillan Co. Today I shall go to the travel agent's office for booking my seat and may start by next Monday or Tuesday.

In my next letter I shall let you and Mukunda know of my journey from Calcutta to San Francisco, via Bangkok, Hong Kong etc.

Hope you are well.

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November 18, 1967  

Calcutta, India

My Dear Rayarama,

Please accept my blessings. I have advised Brahmananda to give you loan of $500.00 from the funds which are set aside by Brahmananda for publication of my books. The condition is that as promised by you, you must return the money by monthly installments of $100.00. Please be always strongly fixed up in the Lotus Feet of Krishna, just as the bees are fixed up in the honeycomb. This staunch affection for Krishna will save us from all kinds of dangers created by Maya.

You know it very well that the material energy is so strong that it captivates the spiritual spark, living entity and the only remedy is to cling to the Lotus Feet of Krishna. This age is especially meant for dissension, therefore whenever there is such occasion we should simply call for for the help of Krishna.

Our task is very heavy because we have declared war against Maya. She will always try to defeat us or even kill us but we can always be saved by clinging unto the Lotus Feet of Krishna.

Kindly remember this secret of our success and try to convince all your God-brothers on this point.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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15 Nov 2004
Wednesday, November 15, 1967  

Calcutta, India

My Dear Bramhananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated Nov. 9, 1967 and have noted the contents very carefully. The Kirtanananda incident is certainly very unhappy and your dealing with the situation is quite appropriate.

Lord Caitanya composed the verse that one should be humbler than the straw and more tolerant than the tree for chanting the Holy Name of Krishna, but the same author learning of the insult commited upon the person of Lord Nityananda became furious and the Lord wanted to immediately kill the insulter.

The idea is that personally, one should be very meek and humble even in the presence of greatest provocation, but a slight insult to Krishna and His Representative should at once be taken seriously and appropriate measures should be taken. We should never tolerate any insult or blasphemy to Krishna or His Representative. So your action was quite all right, but because we are in the public eyes we have to act cautiously so that people may not misunderstand.

Anyway, forget the chapter, there is nothing to be lamented. If thousands of Kirtananandas or Hayagrivas come and go. We have to prosecute our real program being sincere to Krishna and Krishna-Caitanya.

I am just ready for starting for America but as you know our competent government is very slow in action. The P-form was submitted almost a month ago, but still it is going under red tapism. The visa was granted to me within half an hour. The passage money was deposited within two days but unfortunately the Reserve Bank of India is delaying the matter unnecessarily. I expect the P-form at any moment and as soon as I get it I shall start for your country.

I understand that you want Subala to go to Amsterdam but who will take care of the Sante Fe Temple? I think Subala and his wife should take care of the Sante Fe Temple, as much as Dayananda and Nandarani should take care of the Temple at Los Angeles. Once a center is opened it must be maintained. A responsible man for each center must be found out before opening.

In your previous letter you wrote something about difficulties in our different centers, therefore you should be cautious before opening any further centers. Regarding Gargamuni and Karunamayi's problem, I have already replied and if required, you can see his letter.


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November 15, 1967  

Calcutta, India

My Dear Rayarama,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letters, Nov. 7 & 8, 1967.

The incident of Kirtanananda and Hayagriva chapter may now be closed. We shall always pray to Krishna for their recovery and we should not seriously take their counter propaganda. I am sure they will flap for some time without any effect on our Krishna Consciousness, service. Let us go ahead with our work and everything will be all right.

Most important thing at present is to deal with MacMillan Co. Regarding editing of my books it was rightly entrusted to you from the very beginning but Kirtanananda wanted that the editing should be done by Hayagriva. But I understand from your version that in some places of Gita Upanisad he has followed Swami Nikilananda who is quite unaware of Krishna Consciousness.

By their present behavior it appears that Hayagriva belongs to the same feather and Krishna has saved His Gita Upanisad by transferring the whole thing into your hands. Now please do your best and hand it over to MacMillan Co. for necessary action. We have tried our best in the Gita Upanisad that Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Supreme Person and His energies acting impersonally.

The devotees are primarily concerned with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna and His impersonal expansion of energy is of secondary importance to the devotees. Less intelligent asuras are attracted by the impersonal manifestation because they have no chance to meet Krishna face to face. In the last paragraph of your letter of the 7th, you have mentioned very nobly that you can work with me on the project of Srimad-Bhagavatam and it will be a great success of my mission if we jointly finish up complete Bhagavatam published by MacMillan Co.

The chance is there, let us carefully handle up the situation and as soon as I return to the States, we shall take up Srimad-Bhagavatam in the same Spirit as I have published First Canto. The MSS of Canto two & three is ready and if we jointly work on the other 9 cantos I shall feel very much obliged to you.

If I can leave behind me the Srimad-Bhagavatam, Gita Upanisad, and Lord Caitanya's Teachings, & if you continue to work in the spirit of pure Krishna Consciousness, surely we shall be able to do some tangible service to Humanity at large.

Hope you are well

Your ever well-wisher
A. C. Bhaktivedanta, Swami

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