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15 Aug 2004
Tuesday, August 15, 1967  

Vrindaban, India

My Dear Hamsaduta,

Please accept my blessings.

I am in due receipt of your letter dated 8.9.67, and I have noted the contents carefully, and I can see that you are a little disturbed in mind. Don't be. Everything will be all right, by Krishna's Grace; we are Krishna's property, but now we are seated in these bodies of maya, so it is sure that from time to time there will be disturbances--just like I am experiencing now. So don't worry about it, just go on chanting Hare Krishna and engage your energy for Krishna in the best way open to you.

I am also very happy to learn that Himavati is going to have a baby. A child is a rare gift given by Krishna, but at the same time a great responsibility; every parent has the responsibility to see that his child grows up K.C. I know that you understand this, and will always make Krishna the center of your home.

Now as to what you should do: there are a number of courses of action open to you. First of all, you are a family man, and usually at this point a man must think about providing for his wife and child. So if you like you can take a job in N.Y. or elsewhere and settle as an ordinary householder, like Rupanuga and others; or, if you prefer, you can continue to work within the Temple, either at Montreal or wherever there is sufficient space to accommodate you.

But you must think of your health. I had already noticed a deterioration when I was in N.Y., and now you say it has gotten worse. That is not good, and you must correct it. So do the needful. Above all don't be worried. Krishna will help you. If it is necessary to go to work in order to maintain you wife and family nicely, Krishna will give you all support necessary.

At any rate, I shall be back by the end of October, and then everything will be all right.


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August 15, 1967  

Vrindaban, India

My Dear Brahmananda,

Please accept my blessings.

In your last letter you asked how to celebrate Krishna's and Radha's birthday. As last year, on K's with fasting up to midnight, and R's fasting up to noon. Then feasting. Certainly those who take Krishna's advent as that of an ordinary man are great fools, but if one can simply understand the transcendental nature of this event as well as His disappearance, he becomes immediately liberated.

So long as Hamsaduta and Himavati remain in N.Y. please see that they are well taken care of. There seems to be some difficulty.

I am a little disturbed to learn about your financial position as serious. I think you don't have to pay anything to Boston, as every center should be independent, especially when Satsvarupa and Rayarama are there. If printing BTG is too expensive, then revert to mimeograph. Unless positive gain, we should not take risk about BTG.

You will be glad to know that for the last two days I am taking part in the cooking; so this is positive proof of improvement in my health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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