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16 Sep 2004
Saturday, September 16, 1967  

Delhi, India

My Dear Jayananda,

Please accept my blessings. I'm so glad to receive your letter of Aug 30.

I know also that you are a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. When you drive your car you always chant "Hare Krishna" and when I was by your side I could understand how heartily you have accepted the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is very kind to all but He is especially kind to his sincere devotees.

Krishna is always with us, within our hearts and He is always ready to give us direction but because everyone is independent Krishna responds cooperatively. Anyone who voluntarily cooperates with Krishna's desire He responds to his call very eagerly.

Krishna descends to teach us Bhagavad-gita begging our cooperation and anyone who cooperates with Him becomes blessed. You are sincerely cooperating with Krishna and therefore you all boys and girls in San Francisco, working together harmoniously. Harmony means Krishna Consciousness. Without Krishna Consciousness there cannot be harmony in the world.

I've received the report of successful performance of Janmashtami ceremony. I'm glad to learn that you are willing to come to India for further study. I received no letter from Dayananda or his wife Nandarani. I'm anxious to receive the report of the Los Angeles center. I do not know their address.

Your acknowledgement "Krishna has been very merciful to me" is remarkable. You are realizing the fruit of chanting. So far my health is concerned I'm improving, by Krishna's grace and it is due to your feeling of my absence and eagerly awaiting for my return.

Please go on cooperating between your godbrothers. I'm always with you never mind if I am physically absent.

Please convey my blessings to all the boys and girls and tell them that I'm very eager to return.

Your ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Jayananda and Srila Prabhupada,
San Francisco, 1966

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September 16, 1967  

Delhi, India

My Dear Janaki,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your letter of Sept 5, 67.

I'm so pleased for your writing such nice sentiment. I've especially noted that you could express yourself so beautifully. I know both you and your sister have inherited a good heart from your good mother. Your eagerness to get me back in the states will surely be a success because I'm also eager to return.

Tears for Krishna is as good as associating with Him personally. In the spiritual world separation is more valuable than meeting. So your feelings and tears of Krishna Consciousness will make you more enriched in spiritual advancement.

Your husband Mukunda is a very very good boy and you are fortunate enough to have such a nice devotee husband. A similar combination is there in your sister and Gurudasa. You will be angry if I say that your sister is better than you but I think I'm right because Mukunda supports me.

Rivalry between good hearts is very nice job, but I'm equally pleased with both your sister and yourself. Please convey my blessings to your sister and brother-in-law. I've received their good hand-writing and they have actually done it in full Krishna Consciousness.

Swami Kirtanananda is returning to the states very soon. You are very much anxious to get him back home and your desire will be fulfilled very soon. Perhaps you know that Acyutananda is now with us and since he has come Swami Kirtanananda has retired from all sorts of activities and Acyutananda is helping me. Anyway he is leaving behind a good representative so I'll not in trouble be.

Most probably Acyutananda will stay in India to take charge of an American House. I shall be glad to know if Upendra is coming. Upendra and Acyutananda will be a good combination, both are silent workers without any protest.

Please convey my blessings to all the boys and girls.


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September 16, 1967  

Delhi, India

My dear Mukunda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of Sept. 1.

I could not write you because I was busy for coming to Delhi. I am very happy to learn that Janmashtami was performed with great pomp at our temple. A similar report comes from Montreal.

Regarding Vinode Kumar, I think it will be difficult for us to take him to the States. The difficulty is that Scindia Lines has recently refused to give free passage to anyone except myself. So if we want to take him there we have to spend some thousands of dollars for his passage. I don't think the society can take the risk for a person who is not very expert. I have of course a mind to see the managing director in Bombay and unless a definite arrangement is made we can drop the idea of getting Vinode Kumar in the states.

So far your requisition for musical instruments is concerned you can let me know your definite proposal, how many sitars and other things you require monthly. I think your friend or Mr. Kallman in N.Y. can invest some money in this connection. I've also written Mr. Kallman separately so you can let me know your definite ideas. One sitar manufacturer is prepared to go there and manufacture sitars locally for us, but I don't think, for the present moment it is a practical program.

My health is improving slowly but undoubtedly there is improvement.


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15 Sep 2004
Friday, September 15, 1967  

Delhi, India

My Dear Gargamuni,

Please accept my blessings. I was very much anxious about your illness, but I've received news from Brahmananda that you are improving.

Now whatever condition it may be I advise you to take rock candy as much as possible always keep a piece in your mouth. So far as eating is concerned, take ripe papaya as much as you can, also if possible boil green papaya, this will be your diet and medicine. Besides this take sufficient rest and chant Hare Krishna; so long as we have got this material body we have to undergo these situations, if we increase our love for Krishna we shall be able to get out of this maya.

People who therefore not exerting to improve Krishna Consciousness are simply wasting there valuable time and human life. Their human life is a chance to be out of the entanglements of material bodies. We get material bodies according to our activities, doggish men get the bodies of dogs in the next life, men in Krishna Consciousness get bodies like Krishna, so developed consciousness of human life is to concentrate of Krishna Consciousness so that we may be out of the clutches of material entanglement.

These truth should be preached all over the world and those who are intelligent enough will take to Krishna Consciousness very seriously. You will be cured very soon rest assured, but after you get out of this diseased condition please keep fit with regular habits at least once a day take your bath and timely eat drink and sleep.

Now you are married man you have got facility for sex life, but also this should be regulated. Increased Krishna Consciousness will reduce the propensity of sense gratification and too much sense gratification is the cause of obtaining material bodies. So there may not be bodily disturbance it is necessary to maintain a regulated life and easily prosecute our Krishna Consciousness.

I shall pray to Krishna for your quick recovery.


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September 15, 1967  

Delhi, India

My Dear Jayagovinda,

I understand that the draft board is also disturbing you. It is also disturbing to me, but we have no other recourse than Krishna. Do your best to serve Krishna and he will give you required intelligence to cope with disturbing situations. Kirtanananda is to return to NY soon and I will have to spend $600 somehow or other, so anyway Krishna will arrange.

NB It is expected that one gentleman Dr. Dalmia a prominent Indian business man who is now touring in the U.S. may visit our temple in N.Y. and other centers. If he goes therefore, please try to receive him properly and inform him about our preaching work and our paintings and Lord Jagannatha deity there, offer him some prasa-


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