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7 Mar 2004
Tuesday, March 7, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Rayarama,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter of the 3rd instant and noted the contents carefully.

Gita Press is full of Mayavada Philosophy which says Krishna has no form but He assumes a form for facility of devotional service. This is nonsense. I am just trying to wipe out this Mayavada philosophy and you may not therefore order for any more copy of the English Bhagavatam published by the Gita Press. The one which you have got may be kept only for reference on having an understanding of the Mayavada Philosophy which is very dangerous for ordinary person

The Mayavada Philosophy has played havoc in spiritual understanding leading to Atheistic tendency. The interpretation that one has to be naked before the Lord is also mayavada philosophy The pictures which Dan might have brought in the temple are certainly unauthorized. In future before publishing any picture you must consult me.

Any stage of life in Krishna consciousness may be a victim of strong material energy. Therefore we have always to take care and strictly follow the rules and regulations. You are a good boy and sincere devotee and I hope you will understand me right.

I am glad that you are getting some nice job. They have tried for so many days and still the experiment is going on. Any way if by the Grace of Lord you can help the Society it will be a great help. You are taking a great responsibility in the matter of purchasing the house. It is very good to take all risks for Krishna but for our personal satisfaction we should not take the least risk.

I am very glad to learn that Brahmananda, Yourself and all others have the transcendental courage to take all risks for Krishna and this act will enhance your glory in Krishna consciousness.

So far my going back to New York I have already sent you a letter that I shall start from this place ater 6th April 1967 In California the scope of Krishna consciousness is gradually taking some solid ground. Formerly when you were here the audience was hearing sitting but nowadays all of them stand up and dance.

In Stanford University although the demonstration was first introduced still they took it as hypnotic chant. Many Yoga societies here feeling the strength of our movement.

Yours ever wellwisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

N.B. Please send me the copy of resolution you made in connection with purchasing house as also the copy of agreement made in this connection. I hope next time when go to New York, I shall accomodate in the new house

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4 Mar 2004
Saturday, March 4, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

Sriman Brahmananda Brahmacari,
Sriman Satsvarupa Brahmacari,
Sriman Rayarama Brahmacari,
Sriman Gargamuni Brahmacari,
and other Trustees
of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc
26 Second Avenue,
New York N.Y.10003

My dear boys,

Please immediately hold one meeting of the Trustees of International Society For Krishna Consciousness Inc and resolve whether $5000.00 dollars should immediately be paid to the seller of the house under agreement and as advised by the appointed Lawyer Mr. Seymour Herzog.

In my opinion the check should never be drawn in favor of the financier. But it should be drawn in the name of original seller Mr. Taylor. If the Financier pays to Mr. Taylor the purchase money it is then only the above $5000.00 should be money paid on behalf of the Financier and the Financier should enter into agreement with you acknowledging receipt of the amount with definite date or immediate possession of the house.

In all circumstances the check may not be drawn in favor of the financier. The check should be signed by the President and the Secretary because Brahmananda and Satsvarupa are the main support for purchasing the house and Kirtanananda is supplement to this from his kitchen department.

The money and society is yours. You can spend in any way but it is my duty to give you guidance as ever well wisher. You should send me a copy of the resolution you will make in this connection in the meeting of the Trustees. Please note that I have already advised the Bank to transfer $5000.00 in the account of the Society and have sent them the Pass Book as desired by Brahmananda.

Pray to Krishna for your successful transaction and I hope when I go to New York next I shall enter the new house forthwith. Please send me a copy of the agreement entered.

With my blessings, I am yours

Ever well wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

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March 4, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

My Dear Satsvarupa

In your previous letter you informed me that you are not going to pay a farthing unless you are in possession of the house. So you must follow the determination.

You should not sign the check if you are not satisfied yourself.


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March 4, 1967  

San Francisco, Calif.

His Grace Sripada Ramananda Bhaktisindhu
Gaudiya Sangha (Regd)
Calcutta, India.

My dear Sripada Ramananda Prabhu,

Kindly accept my humble dandabats. I am in due receipt of your kind letter dated March 3, 1967.

I can understand your difficulty for the work I wanted to entrust upon you. But I shall be much pleased if you kindly introduce to me some good presses who can take up the work. To print my books in U.S.A. is five to ten times more expensive than in India. I therefore want to get the books printed in a first class press in India. So if you can send me some names of first class press it will be very kind of you.

I am enclosing herewith one letter for Sripada Sar Maharaja which will speak for itself. The certificate is urgently required per return of post. The thing is that I have to go to Canada Montreal next month to open the third Branch there. But as soon as I leave the borders of U.S.A., my Visa for this country will automatically cancelled. Then I will have ask for new Visa to enter U.S.A. which may be delayed for formalities.

I am therefore trying for permanent visa and for that purpose the certificate is necessary. I have also written to other Godbrother Sannyasins because such certificate is necessary.

If Sripada Sar Maharaja is not in the station or if there is no chance of meeting him immediately, then I shall request you to send me certificate in your official form and signed by you as Secretary.

I hope you will treat this as urgent and oblige.

Hope you are well.

Yours affectionately,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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3 Mar 2004
March 14, 1967  

San Francisco, California

My dear Brahmananda,

Please accept by blessings and offer the same to all devotees. I am in due receipt of your letter dated March 13, 1967.

I am surprised to note that still meetings and negotiations are going on while our money is arrested. I do not know what short of business is this, if the negotiations are not complete while Mr, Taylor is so unscrupulous how this transaction can be terminated I do not know. If Mr. Taylor is receiving cash money what is his further demand I cannot imagine. I guess there is some defect in the whole manipulation.

However we are completely dependent on Krishna and let us see what does He desires. There are so many gentlemen involved in this negotiation and all of them are Americans so I have nothing to say in this matter. And what about Mr. Kallman? Still he is manufacturing records? I shall be glad to hear about him. Please offer him my regards.

And we have another Mr. Ypslantin. Mr. Goldsmith suggested that he would take $200.00 and we have already paid him $300,00 and still he wants $150.00. But we need immediately permanent visa. Without it I think I cannot go to Canada because as soon as I leave the border of U.S.A. the bill pending in the congress on my behalf will be automatically canceled.

So I will have to take new Visa from Canada for entering USA of which we cannot say any thing what they will decide. In any case I will have to go to Canada by the end of April as it is already arranged and if it is possible to get the permanent residence Visa. I think we may pay Mr. Ypslantin further $150.00. If not then I do not know what to do. Better consult our other Lawyer friends.

What can I advise more. Man's artificial civilization has created so many artificial laws that we, although God's men, have difficulties to travel in God's countries on God's business. The foolish law makers should have at least given us some facilities to make people Krishna conscious so that they might be happy in this life and in the next. The Kingdom of Maya is like that and still we have to execute our business in Krishna Consciousness.

Regarding Tilak I give you permission for the interested friends.

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